Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ghosts of All Saint's Day Halloween Event

According to BluFlash (Site Admin) posted on official 9D forum,

-To get in the spirit of the holiday, we will be launching a Halloween event after the next maintenance.
-To trigger the quests, you will have to speak to Zou Ziliang in Hefei.
-All levels are welcome to participate, and all the ghosts' levels will be in line with the map that they appear on.
-Each Ghost will drop either a candle, pumpkin, or gold powder.
-After collecting enough of each, you can exchange them for a Pumpkin Mask with Nam Hyunjin in Hefei.
-Wearing the mask will allow you to receive additional gifts from various NPCs in Hefei.
Stay tuned for more information!

Question: hey, does the event end the moment it turns nov. 6th? or at the end of the day.
Answer by VGM:It ends the 6th but its officially removed once the patch is released to remove the event.


You have to collect
-50 Pumpkins (From Ghost of Starvation, Green ghost)
-50 Candle (From Ghost of Dark, Purple Ghost)
-50 Gold Powder (From Ghost of Riches, Red Ghost)

(Not all the ghosts drop the items)

In Zhengzhou I don't know where we can find ghosts, but in

-Jinan these spots are not bad to find ghosts.

-Nanchang I know only one spot and I finished 3 times at this spot :P ( wander up and down the hill you will finish the quest in short time if not crowded)

After you collect 150 items, then go and speak with Zou Ziliang in Hefei (Hefei clinic) and then the rest is just follow the route.

The Rewards for this Event Quest are

1. Pumpkin Hat
- +200dmg +200CK dmg
-+10 all attribute
2. Pill +50% speed 1Hour x10
3. Pill Recovery 150 VE every 3 sec for 30 min x10
4. Pill Recovery 150 PV every 3 sec for 30 min x10
5. Material refinement for +4, +5 and +6 (worth 13Blood Essence)

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