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The School of Rising Sun ^_^

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I. Entering the Dungeon

The entrance to the dungeon is on the upper level of the ship, in the right corner. Normally, that would be the captain's quarters.

II. Passes Needed

If you wish to purchase the pass from the Item Mall, the name of the pass is [color here] Plate of Vault of Rising Dragons (as shown in the 4th picture).
Regarding time: No matter which pass color you put in, the beginning timer will always be set at 60 minutes. Later on, it will be reset.

III. The Rooms
Unfortunately, this particular dungeon's map is completely black so we will have to go room-by-room.
However, playahater1 (thank you again!) has provided a rough map so try following along Wink:

First Challenge

Loading into the Vault, you will enter a room full of Musketeers (Level 173) and Spearmen (Level 173).
This chamber and the next chamber (after tearing down the first gate) are occupied by the same exact mobs.
You must kill more than half of the mobs you encounter in order to advance to the next challenge.
Therefore, clearing most of these rooms will save you time from running back and forth.

Next, you will reach a small platform that will have Twin Katanas (Level 174) and Daikatanas (Level 174).
Regardless of which slope you go down, you will reach a door that you double-click to go through.

There, you will encounter Hidden Katanas (Level 173) who guard a set of double doors.
If you have cleared enough mobs, a message will appear to automatically open those doors.
At this stage, the timer will automatically reset to 45 minutes (on red runs).

Second Challenge

Be very careful, this part is the most confusing because the rooms are like a maze.

You will enter a misty hall with Ayakashis (Level 176). However, you must kill at least ONE Bloody Ayakashi.
The easiest one would be located in the hall you appear in. You must clear most of the Ayakashis to advance.

By the time you have reached a hall with barrels, you should have received a message of yellow text along the top of your screen. "You are not too bad!"
This message indicates that you can begin breaking through the barrels. If you have not yet received the message, continue killing Ayakashis.
After the barrels have reached 0%, they should disappear so that you can advance to the next set of double-doors.

From there, you must defeat the boss, Yakumo.
If you wish not to deal with the Egai Yakashi, you can leave them.
After killing Yakumo, attack the double-doors to advance to the next challenge.

Third Challenge

Once you are in the room with Escort Maids, focus on defeating both forms of Ghost General Abe, then break the doors.

This is the toughest part. There is one Hiyami in the far center whom you will always "miss" on. Most Hiyamis, excluding her, have 2 forms.
Hiyamis wearing a red kimono are in their 1st form; those in a blue kimono are in their 2nd form.
As a suggestion, avoid her and start on the other Hiyamis, starting with ones in the side rooms.

There are six side-rooms, three on each side, filled with Hiyamis. There are 4 Hiyamis that only have one form instead of the usual two.
Look for those as killing all 4 will trigger the message. That message will indicate that you can start killing the Hiyami you previously missed on (the real boss in the center of the room).
Try to start in one of the middle side-rooms. Beginning in either the left or right side-rooms will result in Hiyamis being stuck in walls.

playahater1 wrote:
The 4 single form hiyami's are typically in the side rooms. 2 per side. They are easy to identify as the single form hiyami's die twice as fast so instead of going to 99% the first hit will go to 98% then to 96% and so on. Unfortunately these 4 key mobs get stuck in walls and can not come out. So watch out if you have some stuck in the walls.

Also, if you only go after the 4 key ones you will not b able to find the "untouchable one after it flips to touchable and you will have trouble finding the 3 form boss. Try to have someone identify it and stay with the special one before you kill the 4th single form.

There are three forms to this Hiyami. Two as you saw before, and a third one where she is clad in a bikini.

Defeating her third form will result in a spawn of five bosses, each with two forms, except for one boss.
This next Hiyami has only one form and whoever kills her receives the Killer epithet (Declining Sun).
In no particular order:
Priest Gato

Commander Saburo

Diviner Genji

Tactician Mitsuko


IV. The Loot Room
You must go up the stairs and break down a set of doors to get to the loot room. It will have chests spread out among pillows.
After opening the first set of chests, you must break down another set of doors which will lead you to the second set of chests.
Then you can break down the last set of doors to exit back to Liaodong.

There is a chance of getting (from either loots or mob/boss drops):

- Blood Essences
- Level 5 and 6 elixirs
- Flowstones (high level)
- Golden threads (high level)
- Defense and HP/VE Recovery Relics
- Clan-based 2nd Role Manuals
- Intermediate/Advanced Manuals
- Purple/Green/Red Passes
- Weapons

V. Your Reward
You receive Rising Dragon for completing the Vault of Rising Dragons and Declining Sun for defeating Hiyami's fourth and final form.

Originally from official forum.