Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Separator Items

For Normal 1 slot attachment check my old post.

Guide to using Jade/Iron Separators
This Process adds slots to your weapons/decos and allows you to have 4 slots.

These are the things used in this Guide.

1. Go to any Town Blacksmith and Place the weapon you wanna add slots to and the Iron separator and any cutter.

2. Then after you have added the Iron separator you will have two new slots in your weapon.
After this you go to Yang Yuntai in Hefei next to the refiner and add the Jade separator.

*Note* You do not need a Cutter to use the Jade Separator

3. After you use the Jade Separators to get to four slots you are all done

*Note* Dont mind i used different weapons to show the different steps in this Guide.*Note*

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