Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GREAT !!!!!!!!!! EVETN



BluFlash posting this post in 9D official forum.............

For Thanksgiving, we wanted to thank all our players for contributing to our game and being patient while we continue to make improvements. With that in mind, we have planned several promotions and events that players can take part in for the holiday. Please check back as we will be adding more events and promotions throughout the week!

Item Mall Promotions

- Every 30th person that purchases 90 Day Premium Package, will have the coins spent on that item refunded within 72 hours of the event ending. (Promotion runs from 11/27-11/30)
- The player that spends the most coins in the item mall within the event period will obtain a Wan Daye +10 Weapon within 72 hours of event ending. (Promotion runs from 11/27-11/30)
- Anybody who spends 5000 or more coins will have 15% of the total coins spent returned to them within 72 hours of the event ending. (Promotion runs from 11/27-11/30)
- All elixirs half off on Friday, November 28th.


November 27th - 2x Experience All Day

Yes folks, now you have the opportunity to get double experience all day!
This event will begin at Midnight November 27th and run for 24 hours. (Starting at 12 am GMT for Bardo and 12 am PST for Asura and Nirvana)

November 28th - Boss Spawn Event at 6pm

Meet in Bloody Plains for a solid hour of boss spawning. Help your friends, and try to survive!
This event will begin at 6pm (GMT for Bardo, and PST for Asura and Nirvana) on November 28th.

November 29th - Treasure Spawn Event at 6pm

Meet in Hefei for your chance to open one of the many chests that will be spawned for an hour. This may be your lucky day!
This event will begin at 6pm (GMT for Bardo, and PST for Asura and Nirvana) on November 29th.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Event for 24 Nov 2008

Event is today

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Members List

Hi bros here the member list of Chaos Faction Hero Band. I wish to update all member list from our Alliance bands please send the list to when you have time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Road To Dragon

Here I just show only the important info for New Road To Dragon Quest. The rest are easy and I believe my friends can do easily :P.

1.Bloodthief Disciple Kong Bi Xi (Coordinate 294,881, Jinan)

2.Red Eye Horse Rider (sorry for can't show screen shot)

3. Corrupt Elder Monk (coordinate 97,383, Jinan)

4.Laughter Monk (Coordinate 92,132, Jinan)

Note: The Last Quest about killing The Dream Face Buddha in COF is not complete version so you can not finish it now, We need to wait till Acclaim release the New Second Role Patch to finish this quest.

Here is the information from Acclaim Official Forum

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This quest was not supposed to be released until the 2nd role upgrade. As a result, you may not be able to complete it yet. I am not sure if your progress on this quest will be wiped once we officially release this with the entire patch, but it would be safer to just ignore it for now.

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