Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Road To Dragon

Here I just show only the important info for New Road To Dragon Quest. The rest are easy and I believe my friends can do easily :P.

1.Bloodthief Disciple Kong Bi Xi (Coordinate 294,881, Jinan)

2.Red Eye Horse Rider (sorry for can't show screen shot)

3. Corrupt Elder Monk (coordinate 97,383, Jinan)

4.Laughter Monk (Coordinate 92,132, Jinan)

Note: The Last Quest about killing The Dream Face Buddha in COF is not complete version so you can not finish it now, We need to wait till Acclaim release the New Second Role Patch to finish this quest.

Here is the information from Acclaim Official Forum

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This quest was not supposed to be released until the 2nd role upgrade. As a result, you may not be able to complete it yet. I am not sure if your progress on this quest will be wiped once we officially release this with the entire patch, but it would be safer to just ignore it for now.

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