Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About New Patch

Here I republish some information about new patch, all the informations are copy from 9Dragons official forum. It's hard to see these in original page because so many users so I show here for my friends :) hope all will enjoy.


Refinement items, Refined weapons and Oh My God!!! :P

1. +10, +11, +12 refinement items.

2. Refined weapons

3.Oh My God!!!

New Items

We are currently testing the +10, +11, +12 refinement item, weapons hardening refinement coin item, Hermit level weapon and collection which will give you unique critical stats and a new coin 4th bag in the inventory.
You can see the screen shots of the new items below.
(From 9D official forum, Phew posted 12 Sep 2008)

- Weapon hardening item for refinement.

- 4th coin item bag.

- New Collection system which rewards GL and Hermit weapons

- Manuals which will raise and change your skills.

Some new clothes which will be either mob or dungeon drops

The Translation for the patch text is almost done and we are in process of testing the RTD quest which help you change your get to the 2nd role change.

They are too many quest screen shots so i will not be able to post all of them but i will post few new cloths which will be either mob or dungeon drops.
(From 9D official forum, Phew posted 06 Oct 2008)

Originally from 9dragons official site

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