Friday, October 3, 2008

How to take a Screen Shot


(*note this process may vary for some. If your way differs greatly pls post your version up to help others. also if we could get this translated in other languages i think it could be helpful in case images don't show up for anyone)

1.) There is a key on standard keyboards that says "Print Screen" or on laptops it may say "prt scn/prt sc" and for some you may need to hit function/"fn" along with the print screen key to take the SS. Usually this print screen key is located next to the "F12" key.

2.) For 9dragons game you'll know when you have taken a screen shot because the date and time will show in your side bar where it tells you when your friends have logged in and out of the game and whats the last skills you've casted. If that bar is not showing, you may need to click a checkmark located on very bottom left of your screen to activate it.


*if you want to hide your personal info press F5 in game it will clear the screen of the map,status, skill bar, etc... for a nice clean shot. then hit F5 again to return to normal view & make sure the image was saved.

*if you wish to hide your character name and/or other peoples name Press the letter "O" in game then go to the "game" tab and unclick display your name/other's name.

3) after taking a copy of your screen minimize the game by pressing the start up window button, which is usually located close to your spacebar.

4) Next to TO LOCATE THE SS go to start up menu, computer, c drive, program files, 9dragons folder, capture folder, name of your character folder. then all ur screenshots uve taken should be saved in that folder.

5) for some your SS may not automatically save to your files. In that case you have to manually save your Screenshots. after taking the SS go to start up menu, all programs, accessories, paint.

6) once the paint window has opened then click edit and paste your screen shot and save it as as type "JPEG" file.

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