Friday, October 3, 2008

Sun and Moon Party Quest Guide


To start SM party quest you need the following:
-Scroll of Tan Caifeng (from Hefei Couriers Guild )
-At least 3 party members including leader.
-Minium level is SM7 and Maximum level is SM12

2.To accept the quest you have to go at Tan Caifeng(264,571) in Nanchang in Zhengyang village

3.After u accept the quest u have to go kill the Dire Tiger located in Leshou Plain at (134,265)

4.After you kill the tiger you have to go back at Tan Caifeng to finish quest

5.Reward is 20000 exp and 5000gold


-The Tiger respawn time is around 7-13 minutes
-You get 1% exp at sm7 ; 0.88% exp at sm9 and 0.5% exp at sm12
-If the member who responsible to kill the tiger doesn't ask your help, you don't need to kill the tiger to get exp you can grind at anywhere you like i prefer zombie spot. When the quest finish you got exp and gold the same amount with the tiger killers.

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