Thursday, October 2, 2008

Elemental Crown 1 Party Quest Guide

The first thing that you have to do is buying the quest scroll.

The scroll is "The Scroll of Qu Yixiang" . Do not care the typo errors because you can not get the the requested quest item "Wang Rong's Letter" before GB12 quest.
There must be four players that have "Wang Rong's Letter"

The quest starts at Zhunxing Village in Nanchang. You have to kill only two mobs inside the Beast Clan. These mobs are red for EC 1 players and orange for EC 2 players.
1) Savage Claw, White Tiger Champion (Close to gate of Beast Clan around 808 839)
2) Demon Fist, Black Bear Champion (Close to Beast Tower around 650 866)

This coordinates are not definite because the mobs do not stay a stable position.

There is not any time limit and you can do this quest only one time because of the requested quest item.

Tip:every member should wear the Punisher epithet u get a gb12. that should allow you to run the quest

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