Thursday, January 8, 2009

Refinement Research (Originally from Official Forum)

I am sick of people saying the +9 level is bugged and will not succeed. I am also sick of VGM’s and GM’s saying it is not bugged and is working just fine (failing to address the success rate reduction).

The fact of the matter is the rates have been drastically reduced from what they once were. Although you might fail many times in a row, it still is possible to make a +9 weapon.

Below are the results of warrior trying to make a +11 weapon (a warrior with the 5% refining bonus mastery). So many people are curious about refinement rates. This study shows similarities between the old success rates for 1-8 levels. It also shows the how level 9 is now more difficult than what it was, as well as, making +10, +11 , and +12 exponentially more difficult. If you have a large refinement history for +9, +10, +11, and +12 and keep track of the fails and successes feel free to post it and I will add it to these results.

Ultimately, 5,530 BE were used paired with 82 scales and 17 tears from the item mall (insurance only added for +9 or higher). The results were 3 +10 weapons. Not one +11 weapon was made from this study.

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