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How To Get Help from VGMs, GMs and MODs

Guide to 9Dragons IRC channel


The 9Dragons IRC channel is a parallel 9Dragons community powered by IRC technology (Internet Relay Chat) in which you will be able to discuss in real time with fellow players of 9Dragons. The channel is monitored every day by moderators, VGMs and even GMs. If you have questions to ask or need help on technical or in-game issues, we will be disponible to give a hand at solving the matter. Note however that the best way to get support is to mail (see the Support mailing guide) to deal directly with the support team. There is still a large range of issues in which we will be able to give you help with.
In The Historian's words:
The Historian wrote:

The 9Dragons channel will be monitored nearly 24/7 by moderators, Admins and VGMs

What if I have a question? What if I need help?
VGMs and Moderators will be available to respond to your questions on a regular basis.
If no one is available to help you, please post on forums or message a moderator on the forums

What if I want to report a breach of regulations or any other issue?
Please contact one of the moderators or GMs either here on the forums or in the IRC if they are available
If you are reporting an issue occurring within IRC, please provide the following information:
1. Name of the offending party
2. Time the offense occurred
3. What the offense is
4. If you can, please provide the IRC log

How do I recognise Moderators, VGMs and GMs?
Moderators, VGMs and GMs will be wearing tags next to their names:
[9D] is for moderators
[VGM] is for Volunteer Game Moderators
[GM] is for Game Masters
[CM] is for Community Manager Wink

Refer to the full IRC community rules and specifications here.
Now if you want to join it, you will need to follow the steps below;
Note: Even though the OS in my screenshots is french, the disposition of the functions doesn't change.

Step 1: Installing the mIRC software

1. Go to and click on "Download mIRC" twice.

2. Download the self-extracting executable setup client on your computer.

3. Launch the client by double clicking on its icon. It will be found in the default download directory of your computer (normally on the desktop).

4. Follow the steps of the installer by clicking next, accepting the license and conditions of use (which you may want to read as a user), clicking next again, selecting directories and then installing. The interface is simple; the button you need to click to advance is always located on the bottom-right, middle. Creating a shortcut to the application on the desktop may be a good idea here.

Step 2: Registering on

1. Go to and click on "Account Registration", on the top right of the page.

2. Fill in the required fields as shown in the following screenshot. You are required to use your Acclaim ID in order to join the 9Dragons community. It is to prevent impersonations and such.

3. You should see this screen once you are done. You should also recieve an e-mail from with your command tutorial as well as your password at the email adress you filled in.

Step 3: Logging onto the IRC channel

1. Launch mIRC from its shortcut icon or from the directory you installed it in.

2. On the start page, click "continue" as shown in the screenshot below. Do not click "Register". It is to host a chat room, which you do not want to do in this case. There is no need for you to pay for this. mIRC is a free software for what you will be doing with it -- joining the 9Dragons channel.

3. From the mIRC options, which should open automatically, select Connect >> Servers >> GameSurge (the servers are in alphabetical order, so just scroll down) >> Random server, then click on OK.

4. The server should open and ask you which room to join. Close the channel window and go in your mailbox, in which you should find a message like this:

Right-click "copy" the authserv command shown in the screenshot.

5. Now go back to your mIRC client and paste your authserv command in the server text as shown below:

6. Press enter. You should get the Authserv message " --AuthServ-- I recognize you. ". That means you have logged onto the GameSurge server. Congratulations, you can now join the 9Dragons channel by typing in server commands:
/j #9Dragons

7. You can now set your user name from the options or from the commands / change nickname as shown in the following:

Hopefully we will get to see you on the channels. Smile
Note that you should be able to get support in English, Français, Tagalog, Deutsch, العربية , Español and Português (see the Mods and GMs official list).

EDIT: Thanks to warda for helping in resizing the screenshots to make the guide clearer. If anything is not clear in the guide, let me know via PM or post here so that I can amend it.

To connect with mIRC after registering at GameSurge:

1: Go to to download the latest client
2: Run the mIRC client and press continue (you do not have to register the program to use it)
3: Follow the images below for setting up the options

- Expand the Connect option at left and select Servers
- Find GameSurge in the list, expand it and select the Random server from the list then press the Select button

- Now choose Options in the tree at the left and press the Perform button

- Here you can enter in your /authserv command so it will do it for you automatically (enter the username you used when you registered at GameSurge and the password they sent in email)
Placing the /join #9Dragons will allow you to automatically join the room once connected to the server

- Press OK to close the Perform window

- Select the Connect option again and press the Connect button

If all goes well, you will connect to the GameSurge server, authenticate, and automatically join the 9Dragons channel.

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