Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Patch 69

Here are the details for patch 69 :

1. Chinese New Year Event
2. Romanian version Beta Released
3. Vault of Yellow Dragons Dungeon modified

Details for New Year Event.

There's a Fortune Teller NPC in Hefei, from who you can buy keys to open the boxes that are lying in front of him. You get a different quest depending on the Fortune Letter number (and each fortune letter has some advice too Wink ) . The main Quest can be got by collecting the fortune letter numbers 2,0,0,9 (*better collect all letters 0 to 9 but for main quest u need two letter zero)
Once you get the numbers, you will see the appropriate Quest info appear on map.

Romanian Version.

From launcher -> Options, you can drop down and choose Romanian, to see the text in Romanian. Note : This is in beta. The events cannot be seen in Romanian, and neither are some other features.

Vault of Yellow Dragon.

You need to kill the main boss to get access to the Six rooms now.

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