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Advanced Dungeon Guide: Beast Tower

Just a little note: I will not include the "Entering the Dungeon" part of my guide, simply because at the level you are entering Beast Tower, I would at least expect that you have entered a dungeon once before. This is a non-newbie guide.

I. Introduction

The Beastmaster of the Beast Clan, Zhurong, rules from the impenetrable Vault of Double Dragons, his Beast Tower, hidden in the far reaches of Nanchang. Had you braved Wild Tower and met his two most powerful generals, Savage Hands and Flaming bull, you must now be aware of the power which the Beastmaster holds. For the bravest of warriors, take this challenge. For those faint at heart, there is still time to turn back...

II. Getting the Passes

III. Beast Tower Layout

Image 1

1 - This is the area where you spawn as you enter the Beast Tower

2 - First Mini Boss you will encounter, Double Axe Beast, he will drop a key Black Leopard Eye

3 - Second Mini Boss you will encounter, Great Hoya King, he will drop a key White Tiger Eye

4 - Third Mini Boss you will encounter, New Bear Rider, he will drop a key Heavenly Bear Eye

5 - First gate to open with Black Leopard Eye. Proceed further and you will encounter mobs. You must defeat all the mobs to proceed further

6 - Second gate to open with White Tiger Eye. Proceed further to unlock the third gate.

7 - Third gate to open with Heavenly Bear Eye. Enter and fight mobs. Defeat all mobs to trigger bosses.

8 - Boos room and gates to the exit. Destroy the gates to be able to reach the exit.

9 - Loot chests and exit

All the unmarked areas are where the mobs are located.

IV. Defeating Beast Tower

The objective of Beast Tower is actually fairly simple: You get 1 hour to defeat all the mobs, get to the three mini-bosses to loot the keys to open the games, defeat more mobs to trigger the mini-boss and boss spawns, defeat The Beast Sage and defeat Zhurong's first two forms. The time given to defeat Zhurong's third form will be determined by the pass/dungeon difficulty level.

The difficulty here: there's a lot of mobs to kill, and you have to do it all while you are bleeding. Mobs range from level 130-138 outside the gates, and level 139-141 inside the gates. Most of the areas you will not be able to use lightfoot on either, so be prepared to spend a lot of time running around.

Since this dungeon has no chambers, I've tried my best to layout the map into areas where which level mobs are present:

Image 2

You will be poisoned for the most part while killing mobs, i.e. you will be bleeding a lot. Until you defeat the final bosses, you will be poisoned the whole way through.

There are 3 important mini-bosses you must kill,

Doube Axe Beast (Marked 2 in Image 1), is in a separate room surrounded by mobs. Drops Black Leopard Eye

New Bear Rider (Marked 4 in Image 1) drops Heavenly Bear Eye

These two mini-bosses are in separate rooms, surrounded by mobs.

Great Hoya King (Marked 3 in Image 1) is not in a separate room, drops White Tiger Eye

The drops from these Mini-bosses will allow you to open the gates leading to the final bosses.

The first gate opens with Black Leopard Eye

Once you enter this gate you will encounter more mobs (level 139-140)

Proceed further to the second gate, opens with White Tiger Eye


And finally, the third gate to open with Heavenly Bear Eye

V. The Final Bosses: The Beast Sage and Zhurong

Once you have cleared the mobs, you will be able to move on to the final room where there will be more mobs to defeat (level 140-141)

And finally, after they have been defeated, 7 mini-bosses and the two final bosses will spawn


The Beast Sage is one of the two final bosses. You must defeat both his forms


Zhurong is the other of the two final bosses. He has three forms to defeat.


VI. Exiting

And when all the bosses are defeated, it's time to exit the gates


Finally, loot the chests and exit.


VI. The Rewards

From the Mobs:

Yes, if you are the right level, mobs will drop for you. Drops are similar to those in Wild Tower. They include GB-FC level weapons, Dodge clothes, HP absorb hats, HP/VE wristbands, seals (Fire, Water, Trees, Moon, Iron)

From The Beast Sage:

This is the boss that has similar drops to Flaming Bull in Wild Tower. He will drop all the Black Clan Wild Tower gear and accessories.

From Zhurong:

This is the boss that has similar drops to Savage Hands in Wild Tower. He will drop the Vagabond Vault of Death gear and accessories. He also drops Blood Essence.

From the Chests:

Intermediate and Advanced manuals, level 3, 4, 5 and 6 elixirs, elixir supplements and water herbs


Some missing information:

- Mobs that drop passes
- Time given to defeat 3rd boss form per pass level
- Boss levels per pass level

I'll get that information as soon as GM Phew gets back to me on them. For the meantime I hope you find the guide helpful

More screenshots can be found here

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