Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Refinement Materials

LevelAuraMaterial NameMaterial CostTotal BE NeededSuccess Rate
1NoneBlood of Crouching Dragon>1000 Gold0100%
2NoneBlood of Sleeping Dragon3000 Gold0100%
3Faint White GlowBlood of Mist Dragon1 Blood Essence190%
4Strong White GlowBlood of Roaming Dragon2 Blood Essence380%
5Faint Green GlowBlood of Rising Dragon4 Blood Essence770%
6Strong Green GlowBlood of Cloud Dragon7 Blood Essence1460%
7Faint Blue GlowBlood of Thunder Dragon10 Blood Essence2450%
8Strong Blue GlowBlood of Cloud Dragon15 Blood Essence3940%
9Strong Red GlowBlood of Monarch Dragon20 Blood Essence5930%
10*Large Pink GlowBlood of Flying Dragon25 Blood Essence8420%
11*Large Bluish GlowBlood of Heavenly Dragon35 Blood Essence11920%
12Large Rainbow Flame GlowBlood of Emperor Dragon50 Blood Essence16910%

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