Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chaos Faction Rules 1/2008

League name
Chaos Faction (CF)

Our motto
The Best Defense is a strong offense

Code of Conduct

Behind each character in the world of 9DRAGONS, is a real person. We believe that every player that plays the game loves the game as much as we do, so please respect all players, regardless of race, gender, religion, league or alliance. Every action and word that you use represents the League that you belong to.

All members are to speak English in Alliance chat and League chat. No degrading and personal attacks are allowed in chat.

Our League concept of companionship and family bond is to be enforced, so please be nice to your League members and treat each other with respect.

All new recruitment have to be nominated by an existing members of Chaos Faction hero league before they will be considered for recruitment.

Minor rules

-COF/ VOH/Mansion Epi run will only be conduct at fixed timing. Participants have to register with league master one day before.
-No. of runs decide according to the decision of league master or senior members.
-League master have the right to reject run . ( maybe we can have duty band master to lead run till serior member are ready )
-Member with full COF/ VOH passes will have first priority to drop
-If member share COF/ VOH pass and there are more claims to drop, a bidding will be carried out within the party. Player with the highest bid will get the drop and money will be shared equally among the party members (include winning bidder)

Other Suggestions(Not yet confirm by Senior members)
-We can have league contribution which money we can use to help new member ( contribute amount depend on level )
-We can have duty band master , duty officer ( senior member ) , rotate weekly or monthly

Originally by zibola(Band Leader-Chaos Faction)
Updated by Traceless(Band Leader-Chaos Faction)

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